Christ Has All Our Solutions

Here at Buckeye Christian Church, we believe that Jesus Christ is God, and that because he is God, he has everything we need. There is no problem too big, no circumstance too complicated, and no wound he can't heal. We believe that if our God loves us enough to come and die for us, then he wants to know us: that includes all of our mess and all of our hurt. Each week, we are seeking to know him in a deeper relationship through time in his Word (the Bible) and through time spent together with each other. We would love to have you join us and come see that Christ doesn't just have our solutions, but he has the ones you are searching for too! 

Upcoming Events

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Current Series


John Thomason will be leading the group through the Francis Chan series "Eternity".  Through these four sessions, we will be unpacking what Scripture says about eternity; debunking misconceptions about heaven and hell.  Francis Chan will inspire students to lay aside what is fleeting and passionately pursue God and His mission in light of eternity.

Grit Grower

"Growing Spiritual Grit"

Ryan Sarver (Student Leader) will be leading the group through a book called "Growing Spiritual Grit" which will help students learn to apply their faith in every-day life and grow their spiritual toughness by assigning weekly challenges for at-home practicality.


Youth Group Meetings

Wednesday's - 6:30pm


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